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Nursing is a noble and rewarding profession in which you are able to make a difference to someone’s life when it matters the most. School of nursing helps you develop into an adaptable and compassionate practitioner. We provide students the right balance of theory and practice to prepare for a vital role in the health sector, providing care for people of all age groups with acute or long-term illness. At Delward University, students develop competence and ability to perform better than others.

Below are the two programs offered by the School of Nursing:
  • - Theory-Only Programs
  • - Experienced-Based Programs (It is mandatory for students to be affiliated with a recognized healthcare organization to apply for this program)
  • Nursing

Academic Programs

Degree Programs

Delward University’s degree programs are designed to provide students with industry responsive skills, competitive edge and advanced knowledge of the chosen field...


Diploma Programs

Delward University’s diploma programs are designed to provide students and working adults with the addition academic credential value to enrich their career growth and development...


Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs are fully accredited with a global recognition. Delward University’s certificate programs are designed to ensure students learn the key concepts and gain...


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