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Student Services

Student services at Delward University can be availed only after successful enrollment. Once you have enrolled with us, we will be able to provide you student services round the clock. Our expert team of student counselors is always ready to assist and guide you whenever required. Our student services can be availed by our current students and alumni.

Delward University offers diverse student services, starting from admissions to employability. Our highly effective and efficient online student services enable you to take advantage of it for your career growth and development. We aim to make your Education journey smooth and hassle-free. All our student services are designed to meet the needs of students, helping them achieve their academic and career goal.

CV & Cover Letter Writing

CVs and cover letters are very much valuable as they mark your first impression on potential employer. CVs must be carefully written and designed to ensure they create a positive impact on the decision maker. CV is your outlook which demonstrates your potential as a future employee to the employer. Delward University offers CV & Cover Letter writing services for its students and alumni. Students need to submit their draft CV to our professional writers, who carefully review and redesign CVs for a powerful impact according to the specifications provided. Students can receive their CVs and Cover Letters within 3 day or depending on the urgency. Our professional experts ensure your CV is fully ready to be submitted to potential employers.

Career Counseling

Choosing academic programs or career can be a difficult task, as we are not connected with the latest job market trends. Career counseling services offered at Delward University provides you expert guidance to make the right academic and career decisions. Our counselors’ help students unleash their true potential and realize their aspirations to choose the right career path. At Newtown career services, we focus on your academic and career development. Our career counselors guide you in the best way possible, providing informative links to academic path, career guide, successful interviews and job portals.

Job Placement

Once you have completed your academic qualification, you need to search for the right employment opportunities. Our advisors help you link education and employability, developing a clear path to career success. We also help you identify job opportunities which are the right match with your academic qualification. Our advisors will provide you key tips to secure job interviews and enhance your employability. The advisors also help you create a powerful CV and cover letter. We also provide students with the opportunity to build professional network and socialize. Moreover, we also keep you updated about the latest job opening in your region.

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