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Delward is a global online university with students, alumni and faculty in more than 150 countries, offering high quality online education. Online education is within your reach with the help of Delward University. Our partners and representatives across 6 continents are located in close proximity to reach you anywhere and anytime. We have made it possible for students across the world to study online and earn their academic qualification. We deliver fully accredited academic programs in 16 different professional schools. Our student counselors are also available round the clock for student facilitation and support. Students at Delward University can access their academic resources anytime and anywhere with the help of world class online education management system.

Global Education Solutions

Delward University delivers high quality online education across 6 continents including North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Delward University strives to maintain academic excellence for students and professionals to ensure they succeed in their careers. Global presence of Delward University is an extra advantage that allows students to study without any financial or geographical constraints. At Delward, we offer world class online education management system, 24/7 student support, faculty guidance and industry responsive course cirriculum.

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