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Credit Transfer

Delward University offers an excellent opportunity of credit transfer for students who have earned credits for their previously completed academic courses at regionally or internationally accredited universities. You may qualify for a credit transfer at Delward University if you have successfully completed, in full or part time study, on our list of approved qualifications.

Your academic success is important for us. Our admissions department evaluates your academic credentials to ensure you reduce program completion time and save your tuition fee for the previously completed academic courses. At Delward, we facilitate you in the best possible manner to successfully transfer you earned credits from an accredited university. Delward University generally offers credit transfer to students if they meet the following conditions:

  • It is completed at an accredited and recognized institution
  • It is substantially similar to courses offered at Delward
  • It is completed with a grade C- or better

Delward Tuition Assistance

Delward University offers tuition assistance options which fit your payment schedule and financial circumstances. Our international reputation and commitment to education makes it possible for us to offer you highly affordable education. One of the key reasons of studying at Delward University includes low cost fee structure, fee payment options, scholarship grants and credit transfer option. Educational investment will help you open doors to better employment and career opportunities.

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