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Delward University is committed to deliver the best online education to students and working adults all over the world. All our academic programs offered at Delward University are fully accredited by prestigious accreditation bodies and councils. Our academic programs are also highly valued by leading regional and international employers, and our graduates are preferred over others. Online academic programs at Delward University are designed according to the highest international education standard. We are also member of numerous international educational bodies, councils and institutions which work to promote and ensure high quality education is delivered.

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    International business accreditation and regulatory commission (IBARC) is a business accreditation and regulatory body that is working to enhance the standards of education worldwide. It has a global operations, whereby it grants accreditation to business schools and institutions who are involved in providing education to the world.

  • WEC

    World Engineering Commission is an independent nonprofit organization that accredits academic institutions and programs in the vast discipline of engineering. WEC has been recognized by leading higher education commissions and councils as the world’s most credible and recognized regulatory body for engineering profession.

  • GACC

    Gulf Accreditation Council (GACC) is an international agency working to enhance the standards of education for working adults in the MENA region. It operates worldwide, granting educational accreditation upon evaluation to institutions involved in education for working adults.


    GCCAC provides internationally recognized, specialized accreditation for a diverse range of business, technology and accounting programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level. The GCCAC Accreditation Standards challenge post-secondary educators to pursue excellence and continuous improvement throughout their business programs. GCCAC Accreditation is known, worldwide, as the longest standing, most recognized form of specialized/professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn.


    NADLA, acronym for North American Distance Learning Association, is an accreditation providing body that has been providing added value to its client’s academic qualifications and professional expertise in United States and across the world.NADLA has been working as a private organization, making sure that the quality standards for higher education are met in the region. Accreditation is a collaborative process. It involves quality review from accreditation providing bodies along with the recognition of Department of Education and the non-governmental Council for Higher Education Association.


    Global Council of Higher Education Accreditation (GCHEA) is an international accreditation body committed to ensuring the spread of quality education, offering accreditation of programs and practicing license to education institutes and professionals across the world. GCHEA is one of the leading credible accrediting councils that lays down a stringent criteria for education institutes and their programs so as to maintain the highest level of education standards.


    European Accreditation Council for Online Learning has been working dedicatedly for the past several years, developing and maintaining superior quality of learning in the online education sector, with more emphasis on the European region. Several online universities within the Europe region and abroad hold our prestigious and recognized accreditation awards.

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